Travel like it’s 1999…wireless-less

Tough decision.
But after long thinking we have chosen to not maintain our online travel blog while we are travelling in Indonesia.
We want to enjoy the travel as much as possible without the sometimes difficult and time-consuming process of uploading pictures and posts.

We also want to try to travel like it is 1999, before we were “addicted” to phones and tablets.

Instead we will each (and i do mean each, even the youngest) take notes of what we have done and experienced in a personal travel journal.
If all goes well this will give us an interesting journal from different perspectives, and a hopefully nice journal for future reading.

As I am pretty sure that our kids will experience things quite differently…

In the best case you might see a picture popping up on instagram now and then, so follow us on @stieviegie or @lientjedlr

But I do promise I will update our travel blog with this information when we return home.

So I guess no news is good news this time 😉


Indonesia summer 2017 (Java-Bali-Lombok)

Because of some unforeseen setbacks, plans for 2017 had to be changed. The original plan to climb El Capitan in Yosemite in 2017 (read) had to be postponed until 2018.

This gave us a possibility to make another family trip. And because we need to travel during school holidays we need a country that is ideal in July.

Our last trips always had pure nature and landscapes as motivation, but this time we wanted to show our 2 girls an other culture and make them aware that luxury and “western” lifestyle is a privilege and not a standard.

Therefore we chose Indonesia as a destination, more specific Java, Bali and Lombok. It will be a mix of World heritage temples, local people, and off course a dose of nature (i know…we couldn’t resist) and beaches.

As usual (if internet is available) we will be posting updates now and then so follow us if you like…

We are still working on the detailed itinerary, but it will be something like this :

Day 1 / arrival in Yogyakarta

Day 2 / Borobudur

Day 3 / Borobudur via  Prambanan-temple to Yogyakarta 

Day 4 / Yogyakarta

Day 5 / Yogyakarta to Sarangan

Day 6 / Sarangan to Bromo

Day 7 / Bromo sunrise

Day 8 / Sukamade


Day 9 / back to Kalibaru

Day 10/ Kalibaru to Lovina

Day 11 / Lovina


Day 12 /Lovina

Day 13 / Lovina to Ubud 

Day 14 / Ubud

Day 15 / Ubud to Padangbai

Day 16 / Padangbai

Day 17 / Ferry to Lombok,  Tetebatu

Day 18 / Tetebatu

Day 19 / Tetebatu to Gili Asahan

Day 20 / Gili Asahan

Day 21 / Gili Asahan

Day 22 / Departure Lombok

Day 23 / Departure Jakarta