Atlantic coast – France

We stayed one week in the bay of Arcachon (near Bordeaux).

This VERY crowdy area has as advantage that, because you are protected by the bay, the well-known atlantic wind is almost non-existing. Therefore it has a very nice climate.

If you like strolling around in small villages and like everything the sea has to offer, this area is your thing.
Almost everywhere you found the famous oyster-houses and fresh “fruits-de-mère” and fish can be bought on nearly every corner.

Prepare yourself for very crowded places. In fact try avoiding driving around in the car after 10am. The whole area is one big traffic jam. Renting bikes or leaving early could help prevent frustration.

The highlight of the area is The Dune of Pilat
This as a huge sand dune that really gives you the feeling of being in some desert. It gives a view of the atlantic ocean on one side and the nice forest of Buch-country on the other.
A must see ! more info HERE

Dune of Pilat

The other week we stayed around La Rochelle and the nearby islands (Île de Rée, Île d’Oléron, Île d’Aix).

La Rochelle

Also Fort Boyard(famous from its TV shows) is always nearby.

Fort Boyard


The area has a lot of nice rain activities as well, and very worthwhile is the famous Zoo of Palmyre
or the Aquarium in La Rochelle.

Summer destination

In keeping things simple this summer we will remain in France (again). There are two more or less blank spots on our map of France. The Pyrenees in the south and the Atlantic coast. We don’t feel like driving too much this year so Atlantic coast it is.
We plan on staying on 3 different places for one week as basecamps. Somewhere around La Rochelle and around Bordeaux.

After that we will probably do the scenic route back following the Loire with an inevitable stop in Fontainebleau for some family bouldering.