Iceland trekking

Trekking Skogar-Landmannalaugar 5 or 6 day trekking.

This trekking is high up on the list of must-do multiday trekkings in the world.

You need tent and food/water for the whole trekking. Count 6 days allthough, it is common to do it in 5 by combining day 5 and 6.

We preferred doing it from Skogar to Landamannalaugar instead of more common otherway round, because it gives you the hotsprings in landmannalaugar as a trophy at the end.



























We finished our Iceland adventure with a hike up Icelands highest mountain.


Hvannadalshnúkur is with 2109m the highest peak on the massive Vatnajökull Gletsjer (Vatnajökull National Park)

It is a long day, but what a day. You start at sealevel, going up to around 2000m and than hike for several hours to the peak. It really gives you a feeling of how it would be on the northpole, with only ice and snow surrounding you.

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