Kangoroo Island

During our stay in Halls Gap we decided to go to KI anyway. Petras warning to be shocked about the prices is a fact.
Beautifull with a lot of highlights as Sealbay, Admiral Arch, Remarkable Rocks…
A lot of rain (after 6 months) was also remakable. As from then we call ourselves the rainmakers,but we are not complaining, also a lot of beautiful beaches. The platypus walk was closed due to fires.

Coober Pedy

This was a necessary stop before Uluru. We had to drive 750k that day. It is a miners town, where they dig up Opal. A lot of people live under the ground, to protect them from the enormous heat during the summer. 45degrees sometimes.

Uluru and Olgas

The drive is very simple, always right ahead.
Outback is expensive, fuel is 2$/l and the car drinks a lot…
Uluru has indeed something magical next to the fact that it is also a very big rock. After we did the 10k base walk around it, we have enjoyed a beautiful sunset.
The next day it was an early start to the sunrise. At the Olgas we did two nice walks and after that Stevie decided to climb Uluru. Hard and steep indeed.

Kings Canyon

The Rimwalk was nice but very hard in the sun.
The free concert we received from the dingos at the campground was anyway nice.
The only thing we can,t get used to, are the flies. There must be around 100 of them flying around your body, and they have one goal : to be as much as possible in your nose, eyes and ears.

Alice Springs

This was an ideal moment to do some shopping, we finally found a didge we wanted. To see the aboriginals next to the white people, and speaking their own language is a bit bizar. Another interesting thing is when you cross someone in a car in the outback, it is an event. Its a habbit to wave to each other.

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