Tough decision.
But after long thinking we have chosen to not maintain our online travel blog while we are travelling in Indonesia.
We want to enjoy the travel as much as possible without the sometimes difficult and time-consuming process of uploading pictures and posts.

We also want to try to travel like it is 1999, before we were “addicted” to phones and tablets.

Instead we will each (and i do mean each, even the youngest) take notes of what we have done and experienced in a personal travel journal.
If all goes well this will give us an interesting journal from different perspectives, and a hopefully nice journal for future reading.

As I am pretty sure that our kids will experience things quite differently…

In the best case you might see a picture popping up on instagram now and then, so follow us on @stieviegie or @lientjedlr

But I do promise I will update our travel blog with this information when we return home.

So I guess no news is good news this time 😉


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