2008 our last big trip. Destination was Australia. 2 kids later we are finally ready to pickup our old love and continue discovering the countless beautiful places this planet has to offer. In 2015 we are planning a trip to New Zealand. The Kiwi Country was on our wishlist since a very long time and finally we are making work of that dream. We started preparing things well in advance. It needs some different and extra preparation to get everything organised, because travelling to the other side of the world with a 6 and 3 year old is challenging. But we really wanted to do this with the four of us. Especially the long flights and the time difference will have to be prepared well, but we are up to it.

The plan is to travel for about 5 weeks with a camper and explore both Northern and Southern Island of NZ. We also consider a stopover in Sydney for a quick visit to our dear friends Bart and Bianca. Stay tuned and hopefully you will follow our preparation and stories.

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