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2017 is marked as the year for the greatest adventure and challenge I have ever taken on.

We will be having a go at El Capitan – Yosemite, a 1000m/3000ft vertical granite piece of rock. Besides the technical and exposed climb this piece of rock  is famous for being the birthplace of rockclimbing. Its history is packed with heroes and legends.

the-nose-route_01I stood at the foot of the nose in 2006 on my roundtrip with Eveline. Looking up it is almost impossible to understand the size of this vertical wall.

Since that day it never really left my thoughts and especially by the stories of our sensei Johan Mus it more and more became an adventure I wanted to experience.

Although I never really believed it would be within my possibilities to do so, I started to become curious and only since a couple of months I really believe it is within my reach.

This said, a LOT of training and preparation will be needed to have a chance of being allowed on top of El Cap.

Johan and Filip will need to learn me the specific technical details about the climb. The rest is fitness, mindcontrol, and willingness to succeed.

The journey begins…follow the adventure on our teamblog